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Who We Are


We High Mpa valve group Co.,Ltd (formerly Shanghai high Mpa valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd) is located in the east of China valves City---Wenzhou,China.Though more than 20 years experience and efforts in manufacturing valves,we eventually became a well-know group company. We are proud to be licensed to API-Q1, and also hold ISO 9001:2000,CE,TS certification.

We China GZP valve has acquired a full set of equipment of modern machines, general machine tools, physical and chemical analysis and experiment devices.We start with the finest material available. Our raw materials are carefully monitored to ensure proper chemical composition. Every valves is strictly inspected from casting (or forging), machining, assembling, hydraulic & air testing to packing & delivery. Under the supervision of complete quality system, we can always ensure our valves operating efficiency, reliability and long life.

At GZP Group,we also established CAD valves design center and three-dimensional simulated manufacturing experimental design system in our technical department.Our technical engineers with more than 30 years experience are capable to delivery best solutions for all your applications from general service to severe service , from manual to on-off automation as well as sophisticated control system.

Through constant innovation, design improvements and reliable services,we have kept at the forefront of valves industry and received a good reputation from major oil companies, wellhead manufacturers and service companies for their most critical applications for years.

Our broad product lines are:

Ball valves series:

API Ball valves

Forged ball valves

Metal seat ball valves

Fully weld ball valves

3 way ball valves

V port ball valves

Double block&bleed ball valves

Ball valves series:

Lubricated Pressure balance plug valves

Lifed plug valves

Full jacket plug valves

General valves series:

Gate valves

Forged gate valves

Globe valves

Forged globe valves

Swing check valves

Forged check valves

Wafer check valves

Patent series:

Knife gate valves

Antibiotic stop valves

Butterfly valves series:

Triple offset butterfly valves

Centric butterfly valves

Center lined butterfly valves


Welcome come to visit and cooperate with us,we can help you build your brand in your country.

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