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Forge Flange Globe Valve

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Introduction video of  Forged Globe Valve :
GZP Forged Steel Globe Valves are manufactured to the latest edition of API602, BS5352 and ASME B16.34. And tested to API 598.All Forged steel valves from GZP VALVE are strictly 100%tested before shipment to guarantee zero leakage.
Forged valves are great for high-temperature, high-pressure applications, they cannot be made in all kinds of shapes and sizes.GZP Forged valves including forged-steel gate, globe, and check valves and forged ball valves which are widely applied in boiler, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, energy systems and critical power-industry applications
The main construction features of GZP Forged steel valve are following:
1.  Full bore and standard bore (reduced bore) design are available.
2.  Three bonnet design for forged gate valve, globe valve and check valve
--Bolted Bonnet, welded bonnet and pressure seal design
3.  Y-pattern body for forged globe valve, extended body and extended stem for all forged valves.
4.  Integral flanged end and welded flanged end design are available 
5.  Forged Ball Valve can be metal-seat and soft-seat design in floating ball construction.
The range of GZP Forged steel valves design is as follows:
1.Size: 1/2” to 2”   DN15 to DN1200      
2.Pressure: Class 800lb to 2500lb  PN100-PN420    
3.Connection ends: Socket weld end to ASME B16.11
                Screwed end (NPT,BS[) to ANSI/ASME B 1.20.1
Butt weld end (BW) to ASME B 16.25
Flanged end (RF, FF, RTJ) to ASME B 16.5
4.Temperature: -29℃ to 485 ℃
GZP valves can be manufactured in all kinds of materials to meet different requirements from clients, especially in NACE standard.
GZP valves can be equipped with gear operator, pneumatic actuators, Hydraulic actuators, Electric actuators, bypasses, locking devices, chainwheels, extended stems and many others are available to meet the customers’ requirements.
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