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ANSI Globe Valve

GZP Globe Valves are manufactured and modified to the latest edition of API 600/ASME B16.34 and tested to API 598.
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Globe Valve
Product description

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GZP Globe Valves are manufactured and modified to the latest edition of API 600/ASME B16.34 and tested to API 598. All valves from GZP VALVE are strictly 100%tested before shipment to guarantee zero leakage.
Globe valves are primarily used as control valves where throttling or both throttling and shut-off are required. They are widely applied in various pipeline systems of like water, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, power, marine, metallurgy, energy systems etc
The seal of globe valve is composed of disc sealing surface and seat sealing surface, the disc moved vertically along the center line of the valve seat axis with the operation of the stem. 
The globe valve is to use the pressure of the valve stem to make the disc sealing surface disc and seat sealing surface closely fit together to prevent the medium from leaking.

The main construction features of GZP globe valve are following:
1.Standard conical plug type or flat type disc design.
The disc rotates freely with the stem and incorporates a differential angle from that on the seat ring. This design provides the maximum assurance of shut off, is less likely to stick in the body seat, and is considered the simplest design for field repair.
2.Integral body seat or seat welded and overlaid in kinds of material
Welded overlay are strictly according to approved WPS procedures. After welding and all required heat treating, the seat ring faces are machined, thoroughly cleaned and inspected before leaving for assembly.
3.Stem with both packing seal and top bonnet seal, stem and disc are connected by disc nut and plate with split-ring
The disc is held onto the stem utilizing the disc nut and split-ring disc retainer.The accuracy in the dimensions and finishes assure a long life with a perfect tightness in the packing area, resulting in lower fugitive emissions.

Technical Data

Design Standard

BS1873, ASME B 16.34,DIN 3356,EN 13709

Body Material

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel.etc.

NACE MR-01-75/NACE MR-01-03 Special Requirements

Pressures range

ANSI 150 ~ANSI 2500 ,PN10~PN420

Size range

DN50(2") ~DN1200 (48")

Face to Face

ASME B16.10,EN 558,DIN3202

Flanged RF, FF, RTJ Ends

ASME B16.5 ≤ DN600 (24") ASME B16.47 A ≥ DN650 (26")

BS 4504,DIN 2543-2545,EN1092

BuButt-Weld BW Ends

ASME B16.25 ,DIN 3239,BS 2080, EN 12627

Temperature range

--29°~ 425°C

Design Feature


Angle type,Y type,Bellow sealed,Pressure seal bonnet,bolted bonnet

Disc Type

conical plug type,single disc,double disc etc

Stem Design

Rising stem,Non-rising stem

Seat Sealing

Integral body seat ,seat welded and overlaid

Valve Operation

Gear,pneumatic,Hydraulic,Electric actuators.

By passes,locking devices,extended stem,etc

Fire Safe Design

API 607,BS 6755

Inspection and Test

Visual Inspection


Material Inspection

PMI Test----Chemical Analysis

HB Test---Hardness Test

UT---Ultrasonic Test


MT---Magnetic Test

NDT Test Non-destructive

Dimention inspcetion

According to drawings

Valve Inspection and Test

API 598,DIN 3230,EN 12266,BS 5146

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